11.11.2009. Royal Order of Knights at the concert of Daria Gluhova

   Within the Russian Culture in Serbia project, a piano concert was held by a famous Russian pianist and a member of the Royal Music Academy in London- Daria Gluhova. The event took place at Belle Etage concert hall in Madlenianum theatre in Belgrade. The Royal Order of Knights accepted the invitation of the organizer to attend this exclusive event and gave it the media coverage. The programme included the works of Mozart, Gumel, and Mendelssohn.

30.10.2009. Promotion of the documentary Fall of the Empire - Byzantine Lesson at the Book Fair in Belgrade

   On the eve of St. Lukas and St. Peter Cetinjski Day, the official promotion of the documentary Fall of the Empire- Byzantine Lesson took place. The representatives of Radio and Television Vojvodina, the Serbian Orthodox Church, and the Royal Order of Knights spoke so inspiringly about the documentary. The chosen inserts of it were played, and the noticeable performance was given by Ana Hristivojevich- a soloist and knight of art.

18.09.2009. Particle of the relics of St. Fyodor Fyodorovich Ushakov- a Russian admiral- was handed to the Serbian Orthodox Church on a pilgrimage of the Royal Order of Knights to the monasteries of Russia

   Having consented to give us a particle of the relics of St. Fyodor Ushakov, the abbot of the Sanaksar Monastery handed the particle to father Benedict- the abbot of the Prevlaka Monastery, which belongs to the Montenegrian Littoral Eparchy. Our group named St. Dmitri Donski was honoured to receive in its order St. Admiral Fyodor Fyodorovich Ushakov. The relics travelled with the Serbian knights and afterwards set off to Montenegro where it will be a great shrine in the monastery dedicated to St. Fyodor.

21. 09. 2009. Royal Order of Knights in Parfenon – the Russian magazine with the blessing of the Father Elijah of Optina

On the day of Nativity of Our Lady, the second issue of the Parfenon magazine was edited. The magazine is edited and printed by the Russian Orthodox Church with the blessing of a schema-monk Elijah- the confessor of Holy Patriarch of Moscow and the whole Russia. The second issue of the magazine is wholly dedicated to Serbia and there we can read the text written before the repose of His Holiness Pavle, Patriarch of Serbia, on the occasion of His 95th birthday; a moving text about the sanctuaries of Kosovo and Metohia; the text of Father superior of the St. Pafnutie monastery in Borovsk- Mark who presents his vision of Serbia after the pilgrimage that was organized by the Royal Order of Knights in March, 2009; the texts about St. Sava the Serbian, Father Tadej of Vitovnica, and Holy Father Nikolai Velimirovich; the texts about Patrick Barieau- the French journalist who was re-baptized in the Orthodox Church; the Dechani Monastery; the text about Reverend Father Justin Popovich; the tradition of iconography in Serbia, and about the Russian portal http://www.srpska.ru/. Among these greatest guardians of Serbian memory, the text titled A Knight's Path was presented to highlight the projects of the Royal Order of Knights, also blessed by Father Elijah.

06.09.2009. Promotion of the movie Fall of the Empire- Byzantine Lesson at the Podmaine Monastery of the Montenegrian Littoral Eparchy

   The abbot of the Podmaine Monastery- hieromonk Rafael and the brethren organized the promotion and projection of the movie Fall of the Empire- Byzantine Lesson by father Tihon Shevkunov, at the Podmaine Monastery in Budva. Being the DVD edition of the Royal Order of Knights, Radio and Television Vojvodina, and Serbian Radio and Television- the movie still stirs great interest of the public.

01.09.2009. Detachment for pilgrimages of the Royal Order of Knights - Hodoljubve (Walk of Love) received the blessing from Pavle, Patriarch of Serbia, for going on a pilgrimage to Russia

   On St. Andrew Stratilat's Day, Serbian Patriarchy forwarded the blessing of His Holiness Pavle, Patriarch of Serbia, to the Royal Order of Knights for going on a pilgrimage to Holy Russia. This decision represents the result of a close and cordial cooperation of the Serbian Orthodox Church and the Royal Order of Knights under the auspices of HRH- Princess Linda Karadjordjevich, and her sons Mihailo and Djordje.


02. 08. 2009. Royal Order of Knights at the colony of art and poetry in Krchedin

   On St. Elijah's Day, at the conclusion of the art colony in Krchedin in the home of the Jakshich family- the Royal Order of Knights participated in the inspiring programme having presented its fields of activities and its projects, alongside eminent domestic and foreign poets, writers, and actors. The colony is getting richer every year and promises to become one of the greatest artistic events in the region.









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