The Royal Order of Knights is a non governmental, non party and non profit association of citizens whose aim is to foster and develop the traditional forms of chivalry and its values through sports, culture, development of spiritual values and humanitarian work. In the effort to achieve its goals the association particularly organizes, alone or in cooperation with other organizations, professional, artistic events, round tables, symposia, debates, sports tournaments, promotions and concerts.

   The Royal Order of Knights is under the patronage of Princess Linda and her two sons, Princes Mihajlo and Djordje.

   The President of the Association is Hadzi Zoran (Dushans)Mrdjenovitch, painter and actor, born in Paris where he had lived all his life until the bombing of our country in 1999. He is a leader of long standing of the Chivalrous Society SVEBOR which fosters close cooperation with the Serbian Royal Family and the Serbian and French elite. The Society endeavors to transmit to our children the best values of this world
and its pearls in all spheres of life. In view of that aim Hadzi Zoran has the honor of being one of the main organizers of swimming for the Ice Cross on the day of Epiphany and actor in numerous Serbian and foreign films in which he plays the roles of kings, princes, knights, and he is author of the God loving.

   Royal Order Of Knights is resuscitating the highest values of the asleep Serbian spirit. With knight fencing and fighting, Byzantine (fashion) textile art, discovering and affirming new painters, singers, musicians, movie art is taking a large place in our creating vision. By this way, we re inviting all angels to discover people, organisations, movements, inspired to help us to realize a great movie project, a medieval kosovian historical and spiritual reconstruction, in which the brightness of Despot Stefan is representing Serbia in an unreached spirit, beauty, color, smell, love, highness, vertu... until now.

   As part of its sports activities this year the Royal Order of Knights has organized the Belgrade-Moscow marathon in which our patron Prince Djordje also took part. In November he will be one of the patrons of the championship in karate, in Novi Sad.

  Our activities also comprise frequent visits and contributions to our
Orthodox Holy Places, led by Princess Linda.

   The Royal Order of Knights is a specific kind of academy in chivalry, fostering love for God, love for the native country and love for St. Stefan, its Patron celebrated as "krsna slava".

   The Royal Order of Knights particularly fosters love for the children and uses its best efforts to show them the road of light, dignity and salvation, and in this contaminated world living at a very rapid pace, help them
preserve, as long as possible, the soul and mind of angel purity, teach them to respect the others and respect their being different. This can be
achieved through self-respect, respect of ones own talents and values, good knowledge of ones own culture and development of all dormant
talents and possibilities. We must not allow the current crisis to jeopardize the achievements of all numerous previous generations! We are a living bridge between different civilizations, a link between the past and future, a close connection between small differences.

   The Royal Order of Knights is Faith, Love and Hope that Stefan, Lazar, Milosh, Sava and many others of their kind will live among us through our descendants. We hope that the world will understand our efforts in this regard in a proper way.   







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